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About UEFA EURO 2024 Group Draw
Bamboo pulp planting fiber environmentally friendly lunch box
Classic Japanese sushi box packaging
American hot food outer lunch box
Cowhide paper food packaging box
About UEFA EURO 2024 Group Draw
UEFA EURO 2024 Group Draw was established in 2003,Located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China。As a professional food packaging manufacturer,Operations to the tentacles extend to all parts of the world; at service、Innovation、Under the concept of sustainable operation,UEFA EURO 2024 Group Draw to supply safer supply、Effective and environmentally friendly food packaging is vision。
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Plastic food packaging
UEFA EURO 2024 Group Draw food packaging production high -quality plastic food packaging。 We provide you with a plastic food box、Food Bowl、Sushi tray、bento box、Salad container、Flip Consecutive Box and Party Tray。 You can buy all the products you need here,Save the time and cost of looking for different manufacturers and bargaining purchases。
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Package Paper Food Packaging
UEFA EURO 2024 Group Draw provides you with environmentally friendly cowhide paper food packaging solutions。We can produce a transparent cover cowhide paper food box、Bring a transparent cover food disk、Paper with transparent cover sushi plate、Lunch box、lunch box、Salad bowl container and transparent window carton。
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Bamboo pulp environmental food packaging
UEFA EURO 2024 Group Draw provides you with degradable bamboo pulp environmental food packaging solutions。We can produce bamboo pulp fiber food box,Food pallet,Sushi tray,bento box,lunch box,Salad Box,and light food salad bowl。These food packaging products are used by wheat rods、Bamboo pulp and sugarcane residue,So it is compostable and biodegradable。
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Professional services and customization
The diet types of countries around the world are different,Food packaging should also be designed according to different needs。We can help you find the appropriate solution,Improve your company's product value。
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The latest product of the latest product
UEFA EURO 2024 GROUP DRAW packaging at 2024 Chicago Food and Dining Fair
April 22,24
UEFA EURO 2024 Group Draw,Welcome everyone to visit the booth,Our booth number is 8616,In the Plaza of McCawk in Chicago, USA。
We are about the World Trade Center in Dubai in December this year
October 30,23
December 19-21 We will participate in the exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center, We will provide degradable sugarcane residue catering packaging,Environmental paper food packaging,PP plastic disposable food packaging,Welcome to our booth consultation for more details。
Too disgusting, the disposable tableware you use may be made of medical waste!
March 25,23
March 15th International Consumer Rights Day exposes the plastic granules of unscrupulous merchants to purchase medical waste to make disposable tableware。"Medical waste lunch box" becomes a safety hazard。Food -grade raw materials and strict quality controlled by third -party testing agencies,Disposable packaging products made by the system,Only to maintain the health rights of the terminal consumers。